Monday, October 6, 2008

October already???

Sometimes I just can't believe how fast time flies by! I know this isn't the first time I've said this, but sometimes I'm just shocked at how fast time really goes by...I have intentions of doing certain things, like writing in this blog, and before I know it, months have pasted! It's almost like I don't have any concept of time...but then again, everyone does joke that I'm in my own little world!

It's so funny times it's almost like time stands, maybe it's just that I'm oblivious to it. I have been very blessed in the fact that I usually get to take as much time as I want off to make jewelry...but in doing so, it's as if demands and time schedules of normal life have been tossed aside. It's not that I don't still have's just that I'm kinda on my own schedule. It's just so easy to lose track of time when you are doing something you love!

So, last entry was in July...gosh, I can't believe it has been that long.

So, I took a metalsmithing class with Joe, at Lapidary Arts, here in Charlotte. I REALLY enjoyed, and can't wait to go back. I also got to meet Ruby, she teaches several classes, including gem cutting, which I can't wait to take! Joe showed me a few of the basics...using the torch, the basics about soldering, and I learned how to size rings...also, about polishing and finishing a piece., I have to tell you, they made me sign a said if I catch myself on fire, then they won't be held responsible! I wonder if someone actually caught their self on fire there? It's not funny, but at the same time, I have to wonder if that's what brought about the waiver! Anyway, I'm taking another class with Joe, Wednesday...I'm excited! I'll let you know how it goes. :)

In the mean time, I've been playing around with a few things...I been painting a little, I've made some jewelry...this and that, you know how it is! :) LOL Whatever crafty urge I have at the time! :) I road around a few days and went to some of the galleries in Noda, which is the historic art district in Charlotte. I also went downtown one day. Yeah...can't help but think of Tolkien's quote, "Not all who wander are lost." I seem to wander a lot...that might actually be an understatement! :)'s more like I'm always wandering! LOL By the way, I'm not a huge Lord of the Ring fan...more indifferent to it than anything...honestly, I've never even read the books or seen the movie, but who hasn't heard the quote! Maybe it just stuck with me so strongly because it just rings so true to who I am...or how I live...whether mentally or physically, I'm always wandering....oh yeah, I'm a rambler too! LOL :)

Speaking of wandering around...a week or so ago, we had a huge gas shortage here in the south. It was actually pretty crazy...and kinda scary. It really makes you think though! They reported on CNN, that people were even fighting at pumps, and in at least one occasion, a gun was drawn. Now, I didn't personally witness that, but lines were LONG, in some cases hours, and there were a couple of days when I think most stations, at least here in Charlotte, were sold out of gas completely. I went to the doctor one day, up near Lake Norman, and I passed 11 stations, on the way there, none of which had gas. Anyway, just something a little crazy, I thought I would share! :)

So, a few weeks ago, I was looking online at sterling charms, and I came across the cutest sterling/enamel charms...I just had to order some of them. I have a charm bracelet...actually two bracelets, a silver and a gold one, but the silver one, is by far my favorite. I have had both of them for many years, and have been collecting charms and receiving them as gifts for a long time...the last was a gift from my cousin April. She brought me back a sterling Eiffel Tower charm from her trip to Paris in March. Anyway, I ordered a few for me, and a few extra, and from this, my new Say it isn't so...Charm Collection, was born...

These are the first few pieces:

By the way, my best friend, April, has worked in the airline industry for years. I had to throw in a little airline humor just for her...only because she said I would make one...I think I'll give it to her for Christmas!! :) LOL

These necklaces are sterling silver, and they feature hand-stamped sterling discs, that are stamped with quotes and phrases. Each charm is matched with a sterling silver or sterling silver/enamel charm that compliments it's meaning. The hand-stamped charms are chemically oxidized/antiqued, to better show the letters, and then they are polished back to a bright shine.

These sterling silver necklace are available in a variety of lengths 14", 16", 18", and 20"...and this round is available on a 1.5mm ball chain or a 1mm snake chain (available in 16, 18, and 20 inches).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

...still updating! LOL :)

May 20, 2008 - Bust Magazine: For Women With Something To Get Off Their Chests

On May 20, the June/July 2008 issue of Bust Magazine hit the stands. Jennifer Gardner Designs was featured in a Co-op Ad along with other Etsy sellers. The "Serenity" necklace was featured in this advertisement, which can be found on page 31.

May 11, 2008 - Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion
On May 11, June/July 2008 issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion hit the stands. Jennifer Gardner Designs was featured in a Co-op Ad along with other Etsy sellers. The "A Little Drop of Sunshine Will Make the Flower Grow" necklace was featured in this advertisement, which can be found on page 5.

Updating my website....

Today I've been taking some much needed time to update my website (Jennifer Gardner Designs).....

I added several pieces, added the first few pieces to my new Wedding Jewels Collection, and updated the company news...

I'm still working on it, but this is a sneak peak! :)

On May 6, Volume 7 of Craft Magazine hit the stands. Jennifer Gardner Designs was featured in a Co-op Ad along with other Etsy sellers. The "Roses are Red" necklace was featured in this advertisement, which can be found on page 158.

Jennlyn54 (aka Jennifer Gardner Designs) was featured in Etsy's Gift Guide. My In a Roundabout Way Earrings were featured in the Wedding Category of the Gift Guide. The items in the Gift Guide are handpicked and "curated" by Etsy staff.

On June 1, the Summer 2008 issue of Venus Zine hit the stands. Jennifer Gardner Designs was featured in a Co-op Ad along with other Etsy sellers. The Serenity necklace was featured in this advertisement, which can be found on page 76.

Friday, May 16, 2008

....still Friday! :) I had to write a little more...out and about town, I took a few more pictures.....

By the way, I took all of these with the camera on my cell phone, so they aren't the best quality! :)

I'm a strong believer in normally, I wouldn't take a picture of someones car, or poke fun at anyone, but I couldn't resist this one...

Yes, someone was actually driving was in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Gastonia. ...note the boat and fishing rods sticking out of the back....the boat has a huge sticker down the side of it that says "Gone Fishing."

About 2 weeks ago, we had to go downtown to the court house, to file the 90-day inventory papers for my grandma's estate. I took these while I was there...

This is the focal point of the is a kinetic sculpture created by Ralph Helmick and Stuart Schechter, called Persistence of Vision. It is actually 3200 pewter heads, that are hanging on cables...the move to create different profiles that are supposed to reflect the "demographic of Mecklenburg County."

...and then the hand, called "Integrity," is one of my favorites! Hoss's about 8 feet tall! :) I just wanted to go over and sit in it! :) LOL

Anyway...that's all for today! :)


Friday Evening Post...

Wow...I can't believe a month has passed since I last posted. So, what have I been up to? Not much actually...I have been busy, but mostly with non-jewelry related stuff! :) The last 2 weeks, I have been playing handyman...or handywoman! This week has consisted of yard work(which may not seem like a lot, and I certainly don't mind doing it, but it takes 2 1/2 hours to cut JUST the front yard...on a riding lawnmower! I listen to audio books while I'm cutting grass! ...needless to say, I make it through quite a few books by the end of summer! LOL)....I also got to play locksmith, plumber, ...hmmm what else! LOL :) ....what is it they say??? ...jack of all trades, master of none! :) LOL I guess it is a good thing I was daddy's little girl and his shadow...I learned quite a lot about home maintenance and repair! LOL :) I know that isn't too glamorous, but at least I don't have to pay someone to fix the problems! ;)

I got the first picture from my aunt the other day....her and my cousin are in Europe...they have been there for a couple of weeks. They started in Paris...they have been to Monaco, Nice, Marseilles, Pisa, Florence (I think???) they are in Venice...Murano, actually. I think they have visited a few more Cannes??? My aunt really wanted to go to Cinque Terra. I'm not sure if they did though. They are coming home Thursday. Their last stop is Rome. Then Friday, are all going to the beach! YAY!!! :) I think one of my uncles, Robert is staying here...he's out of town now. Anyway, this is the picture she sent me from Nice, France. This shot is off the balcony of their hotel room.

Anyway, I have made a few new pieces of jewelry. I actually listed a few pieces on Etsy today. I love making the jewelry, but I hate taking pictures of it!!! So, I have stuff laying around everywhere! :) Maybe it is because my pictures suck! ...but, I'm going to take more pictures of more pieces later. I guess :P ---LOL

These are two of the new pairs of earrings I finally took pictures of! :)

The Spring issue of Craft Magazine is out...I can't wait to see it... I bought a spot the the Etsy-Coop ad thing....I actually stumbled onto a link with wasn't supposed to me online, but it is! :) It is a 2-page spread in the magazine. I took a screen shot of it! That's mine...bottom row, 2nd from the left! :)

I had my first sale from the "Designers on the Rise" ad this week. Yay! :)

The Wire Artisans Guild had their grand opening for our Etsy shop in April. The pieces we made for the Earth Day Project..."Au Naturale," were the first pieces to be added to the shop. Two pieces have sold! :) I ended up changing the name of mine to "My Fair Lady." ;)

Oh yeah, I voted for the 1st time, May 2nd, in the Presidential Primary. I know, I'm terrible...31 and never voted. I was so excited, I even got a sticker! :) LMAO

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Earth Day Challenge....

The Wire Artisans Guild had a Earth Day theme challenge due Tuesday. The theme for this project was "Au Naturale." For my piece, I created a asymmetrical necklace. I decided to name it "Au Naturale." .............really creative, right? LOL :) It is made of sterling wire and chain, and has flowers made of moonstone briolettes. The centers of the flowers and "sprigs" are made of freshwater cultured pearls.

These pieces (our Earth Day pieces) will be the first ones to be added to our team store on Etsy. Our team store WireArtisansGuild, is officially opening on April 22, 2008!

I can't wait to see the other members designs for the project!


Earlier, I came across this link on another blog, And Sew it Goes, one that belongs to Terry Grant, a very talented fabric/quilt artist in Oregon. The other day, I saw the cutest stuffed bird in a magazine, and then yesterday, I saw one on Etsy. So, I decided I wanted to make one! (Yet another project added to the long should see all of the things I have started...and never finished! Yeah, I'm a procrasinator!!! I admit it! I have good intentions though! :) LOL) It's not that I mind buying other artists' work, its just that I really enjoy making things! I actually have tons of handmade stuff in my house...made by other artist!

Anway, I had googled "stuffed bird patterns," and Terry's blog came up! Aside from her gorgeous quilts, she makes the cutest little birds!!! It seems I'm not the only one in search of a pattern! :) I never did find a pattern, I guess I'll have to make my own!

Anyway, the link I came across, was for a creativity is available on The Art Institute of Vancouver's website....

I thought is was pretty interesting! :) LOL
I copied my results............. (the rest of this post is copied from my results...)

The results show your brain dominance as being:

Left Brain Right Brain
31% 69%

You are more right-brained than left-brained.
The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. In addition to being known as right-brained, you are also known as a creative thinker who uses feeling and intuition to gather information. You retain this information through the use of images and patterns. You are able to visualize the "whole" picture first, and then work backwards to put the pieces together to create the "whole" picture. Your thought process can appear quite illogical and meandering. The problem-solving techniques that you use involve free association, which is often very innovative and creative. The routes taken to arrive at your conclusions are completely opposite to what a left-brained person would be accustomed. You probably find it easy to express yourself using art, dance, or music. Some occupations usually held by a right-brained person are forest ranger, athlete, beautician, actor/actress, craftsman, and artist.

Your left brain/right brain percentage was calculated by combining the individual scores of each half's sub-categories. They are as follows:

Your Left Brain Percentages

  • 25% Logical (Your most dominant characteristic)
  • 22% Linear
  • 20% Verbal
  • 20% Reality-based
  • 13% Symbolic
  • 0% Sequential (Your least dominant characteristic)

Your Right Brain Percentages

  • 64% Concrete (Your most dominant characteristic)
  • 50% Random
  • 44% Fantasy-oriented
  • 34% Intuitive
  • 30% Holistic
  • 7% Nonverbal (Your least dominant characteristic)

    What Do These Percentages Mean?

Low percentages are common in the Brain Type Test and are not indicative of intelligence. Instead, medium to high scores (30 - 50%) are desireable, as they show an ability to utilize a processing method without an abnormal reliance on it. Special focus should be paid to highly dominant (50% or above) or highly recessive (0 - 30%) methods, as they tend to limit your approach when learning, memorizing, or solving problems.

If you have Highly Dominant characteristics, your normal thinking patterns will naturally utilize these methods. Conscious effort is required to recognize the benefits of other techniques. Using multiple forms of information processing is the best way to fully understand complex issues and become a balanced thinker.
If you have Highly Recessive characteristics, your normal thinking patterns naturally ignore these methods. You may only consider these under-utilized techniques when "all else fails," or possibly not at all. It is important to recognize the benefits of all of your brain's capabilities in order to become a balanced thinker.

Left Brain Categories

Logical Processing -----------Logical processing is a method that is used by the left hemisphere to take information piece by piece and put it all together to form a logical answer. When information is received through reading or listening, the left hemisphere will look for different bits of information that will allow it to produce a logical conclusion. This aspect of the left hemisphere is what aids you in solving math problems and science experiments.

Your Logical Analysis -----------When processing information using this method, you may consider the information before you and produce a logical answer, or you may tend to go with your gut. You may discover that you can "guess" your way through S.A.T. questions about as accurately as you can deduce them. It is important that you nurture your ability to use logic whenever it is needed, but do not neglect other methods of processing information if you hit a logical roadblock. Linear Processing
Linear processing is a method by the left hemisphere to process information. In this process, the left brain takes pieces of information, lines them up, and proceeds to arrange them into an order from which it may draw a conclusion. The information is processed from parts to a whole in a straight, forward, and logical progression.

Your Linear Analysis ----------You tend to have difficulty in processing data in a linear manner. When processing information you tend see the whole picture first and work your way backwards, filling in the pieces as you go. The information you process is not done in a straight, progressive manner, but may take different paths as you start with an assumption and take different paths to discover the threads that lead you to that assumption. Seeing the big picture at the beginning of the process is a necessity for you if you are to understand additional information. When given a task, instead of naturally following directions in a linear fashion, you tend to feel the need to know "why" you are doing something or else you may have difficulty with it.

Verbal Processing ----------Verbal processing is a method used by the left hemisphere to process our thoughts and ideas with words. For example, through verbal processing, a left-brained person giving directions may say, "From this point continue east for two miles and turn north onto Bellevue Road. Continue north on Bellevue Road for seven miles and turn west on Main Street". With verbal processing, exact, logical directions are given in a very sequential manner compared to a right-brained person who, in giving the same directions, would use more visual landmarks.

Your Verbal Analysis ----------You are not a verbal person. When you process your thoughts, you tend to use very few words, preferring instead to illustrate a problem or solution. You often find yourself in situations where it is hard for you to "find the right words." Upon reading or hearing new information, you must first create a "mental video" before you can process and understand the information of your thoughts. For example, when giving directions, you probably use many gestures with your hands such as pointing and leaning, and also refer to visual structures such as "a McDonalds" or "the big tree" instead of street names or exact mileage.Reality-based Processing
Reality-based processing is used by the left hemisphere as a method for processing information with a basis on reality. This processing tool focuses on rules and regulations. An example of this would be how a left-brained person would completely understand the repercussions of turning in a late assignment or failing a test. A left-brained person also usually easily adjusts to changes in their environment.

Your Reality-based Analysis ------The information you process may lack a basis on reality, but it does open the door to creativity. You do not show much focus for rules and regulations and do not adjust well to change in the environment. In fact, upon experiencing change in the environment, it spurs you to try to change it yourself instead of adjusting to it. Whenever you become emotionally involved in project you are more likely to learn and succeed.

Symbolic Processing --------Symbolic processing is a method associated with the left hemisphere that is used for processing the information of pictures and symbols. The majority of functions associated with academics involve symbols such as letters, words, and mathematical notations. This process is what aids you to excel in tasks such as linguistics, mathematics, and memorizing vocabulary words and mathematical formulas.

Your Symbolic Analysis ---------You have difficulty processing the information of symbols, and would rather see the real object in order to understand. You probably hated algebra. For example, if solving a math problem, you need to "draw out" the problem to understand and solve it. You rely on the visualization of real objects instead of their symbols. Tasks such as memorizing vocabulary words or mathematical formulas are more difficult for you.

Sequential Processing --------Sequential processing is a method used by the left hemisphere for processing information. The information that is received is processed in order from first to last. Information is processed in a systematic, logical manner. Through sequential processing, you can interpret and produce symbolic information such as language, mathematics, abstraction, and reasoning. This process is used to store memory in a language format. Activities that require sequential processing include spelling, making a "to-do" list, and many aspects of organization.

Your Sequential Analysis ------------You tend process information you receive without any priority as to which is processed first, last, or any place in between. It is difficult for you to learn or perform tasks involving sequence. For example, spelling is a task that involves sequence and you may experience problems remembering exact spelling or any type of rote memorization, for that matter. Creating daily lists and plans are probably not activities you enjoy. If you are having problems with tasks involving sequence, there are methods you can use to improve your skills. One method involves using colors to learn sequence. You assign a color to each task. For example, you may want to make the first step green, the second step blue, and the last step red. This helps because the right side of the brain, your dominant side in this case, is sensitive to colors. The important thing to remember is that consistently using the same sequence will help you both improve and recognize that this strategy can be used in many different circumstances involving sequence.

Right Brain Categories

Concrete Processing -----------Concrete processing is a method associated with the right hemisphere that is used for processing things that can be seen or touched. It processes much of the information you receive from real objects. For example, a right-brained person is not just satisfied that a mathematical formula may work, but will want to know why it works. A strongly concrete person often finds it easier to solve a mathematical problem by "drawing it out" because it allows them to visualize it. The more a concrete person can visualize something the easier it is for them to understand it.

Your Concrete Processing -------------You are strong in concrete processing. When you process information about things that can be seen or touched you show great comfort. But when contemplating something without concrete form, you may have difficulty, and attempt to understand what is trying to be processed in visual terms. For example, if solving a math problem, it would help you to "draw out" the problem and visualize it. Only after visualization, would you feel comfortable solving it.

Random Processing ----------Random processing is a method used by the right hemisphere for processing information. The information that is received is processed without priority. A right-brained person will usually jump from one task to another due to the random processing by their dominant right hemisphere. Random processing is, of course, the opposite of sequential processing therefore making it difficult for right-brained individuals to choose to learn in sequence. In order to overcome this, a right-brained person may want to attempt to learn sequence by using colors since the right hemisphere is sensitive to color. For example, you may want to associate the first step with green, the second step with blue, and the last step with red. Consistently using the same sequence will allow you to see that this strategy can be applied to many tasks involving sequence.

Your Random Analysis --------You have some ability to process data randomly. You are at times able to make "leaps of logic" and discover unique things by thinking "outside of the box." However, you may tend to ignore your random processing thoughts unless you are desperate for a solution. It is important you recognize this skill as not grasping at straws, but a viable way to discover new ways of approaching a problem.

Fantasy-oriented Processing --------------Fantasy-oriented processing is used by the right hemisphere as a method for processing information with creativity. It focuses much less on rules and regulations than the processing method of a left-brained person. Due to the fantasy-oriented processing mechanism of a right-brained person, they do not adjust well to change. Instead of adapting to the change in the environment, a right-brained person attempts to change it back to the way they liked it. But fantasy-oriented processing also provides the advantage of creativity to right-brained individuals, and since emotion is integral of the right side of the brain, anything a fantasy-oriented person becomes involved in emotionally will aid their ability to learn.

Your Fantasy-oriented Analysis ------------You have the ability to use both creativity and reality to process the information you receive. This is a unique gift that allows you to both focus on rules and regulations but to also act with creativity. You are able to adjusting to change, even though you might not like it, and you can become emotionally involved in your work if it interests you.

Intuitive Processing -------------Intuitive processing is a method that is used by the right hemisphere to process information based on if it "feels" right or not. For example, a right-brained person may choose an answer on a test because they had a "gut" feeling and often they will be correct. Another example of this is how a right-brained person will know the correct answer to a math problem but will not understand the procedure of how they arrived at the correct answer. A right-brained person will usually have to start with the answer and work their way backwards in order to be able to see and understand the parts and process that create the whole.

Your Intuitive Analysis -----------When processing information, at times you are able to go with your "gut" instincts. At other times you may doubt your instincts, or prefer to put information together piece by piece to form your conclusion. You should be careful not to ignore your intuition, but at the same time do not solely rely on it.

Holistic Processing ----------------Holistic processing is a method used by the right hemisphere to process information. The information is processed from whole to parts. A right-brained person, through holistic processing, is able to see the big picture first, but not the details that accompany it. A strongly holistic person may often find that prior to listening to a lecture given by an instructor, they must first read the chapter so that they better understand what the lecture is about. This function is also what provides to you your visual spatial skills. It also aids in tasks such as dancing and gymnastics. Through holistic processing, memory is stored in auditory, visual, and spatial modalities.

Your Holistic Analysis ---------------You show some ability to process data holistically, starting with the whole and working backwards to find the parts, which inform the whole, to form your conclusion. When you process information in a linear manner you are able to start with the parts and work up to form the whole. It is important to be comfortable with both methods, as both are equally necessary in the learning process.

Nonverbal Processing ----------Nonverbal processing is a method used by the right hemisphere to process our thoughts with illustrations. Reliance on this method is why it is occasionally difficult for right-brained people to "find the right words" in certain situations. A right-brained person cannot just read or hear information and process it, but first must make a mental video to better understand the information they have received. For example, through nonverbal processing, a person giving directions may say, "Continue going straight until you see a big, red-brick courthouse. At the courthouse turn right, and go down that street for a couple of miles until you se a gray stone church which will be on your right. Straight across from the church is the road to the left you need to take." With nonverbal processing, the directions that are given are extremely visual compared to the exact, sequential directions that would be given by a left-brained person.

Your Nonverbal Analysis ------------You have little ability in nonverbal processing. When you process your thoughts and ideas you mainly use words instead of illustrations. For example, if you were giving directions you may say, "Continue traveling west for 3 miles and turn north at the intersection." You would give exact, logical directions in a very sequential manner.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Beautiful earrings....

Oh yeah, I bought a pair of lovely earrings yesterday from MSBELLE on Etsy. Ginger, aka msbelle, is one of my friends from here (Charlotte, NC), that makes the most beautiful jewelry! I have been admiring them for a while! :) I can't believe that they hadn't sold sooner!

I bought them for my mom for Mother's Day! I know she is going to love them! :)
Here's a picture of them....from her Etsy Shop!
.....ta-dah!!! :)
Okay...I'm going now! LOL :)

New pieces...

Monday already??? Boy, this weekend wasn't long enough! :) LOL

I had a good weekend...not very eventful, but good! :) Saturday, I finished up my piece for the Wire Artisans Guild weekly theme challenge. This weeks theme was "whirligig," a theme picked by Shirley of hergypsysoul on Etsy.

For my piece, I actually made a demi parure or set...necklace and earrings. When I thought about whirligigs, beautiful spinning sculptures came to mind......which, of course, was followed by the question "how did they make that???" From that, my mind shifted gears (LOL) to the working parts and gears used to create such a piece. So, this is my interpretation of the gears....working parts moving together in unison for one grand purpose! :)

I also made posted 2 other pieces today on Etsy. Both are earrings...

Loopity-Loop Earrings ------ They are sterling and apatitie.

....and Pretty in Pink - Earrings ------ These earrings are made with sterling and feature genuine mystic pink topaz briolettes, multi-colored tourmaline rondelles, and TINY pink topaz rondelles.

That's all for now! :)


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Evening Post.... :) LOL

A lot has happen in the past week....some good, some bad.

I guess, bad news first....right??? Boy, Easter weekend and the first of the week just sucked!

First, my grandmother's sister, Dot, passed away last Sunday...March 23...Easter Sunday. She found out about 2-3 weeks ago, that she had cancer...I will miss her. :(

I can not believe how many friends and family members have passed away recently. It seems someone has passed away every other week since December. My great-grandmother's last living sibling, Edna, passed away March 10th.
My aunt, Liz, was in the hospital Friday-Tuesday...she had a terrible infection from kidney stones. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, Monday, my cousin Jessica, Liz's daughter, was in a wreck and totalled her car.

That is the worst parts...I'll spare you the rest. :(
Now for the good parts.....

The other day I was invited to join the Wire Artisans Guild. The members are very talented and their jewelry is just gorgeous! So, I was very honored that Sheela...also known as Eclettica on Etsy, asked me to join!

One thing that I think is really neat, is that they have weekly theme challenges. This weeks theme was selected by Susanna (aka suesun on Etsy). She selected "butterfly" for the weekly theme!

So, here it butterfly for the weekly challenge..........

Charlotte (aka EmeraldDolphinDesign on Etsy), another member of the Wire Artisans Guild, included me in a Treasury on Etsy! ...Thank you Charlotte! Look at all of the pretty butterfly themed pieces!!! :)

I also posted another pair of earrings tonight....I named them Tranquility. I actually finished them a while back, but just getting around to taking pictures and posting them...I still have quite a few other pieces to take pictures of and post, too!

Well, that's all for tonight!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Etsy Treasury

Today on Etsy, I was included in a Treasury list created by Shayna Maidel, who offers a wonderful selection of vegan bath and body products! The Treasury, "Ooh La La! So Feminine!", included my Victorian Evening earrings! This is the first time I have ever seen one of my pieces in a Treasury. I was so excited when I saw it! I don't usually look at the Treasury's, rarely, but something just told me to look! :) Thank you for including me shaynamaidel!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Gosh, I can't believe it is already March. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!

So, It has been a while since I posted...I guess you have guessed, I'm still busy as a bee! LOL :)

I have made a few new pieces...
The first I named Sweet Secrets-

Its a 26" necklace...and features a handmade key....I've been a little stuck on keys! ...and pearls! I've always loved keys. I have made a few other pieces with keys, but I think this and the next pieces are my favorite pieces of "key" jewelry.

Did I mention I love keys! :) LOL Even as a kid, I remember making necklaces with old skeleton keys. My house (the house my great-grandfather built in 1932) has all of the original crystal door knobs in it...all of the doors in the house lock with skeleton keys! How cool is that! ;) That is one of the many reasons I love my house!! LOL :)

This piece I name "You Hold the Key." This picture is going to be used in the next issue of Stylebakery's "Designers on the Rise." When I first started selling pieces I "staged" the pictures... as time passed, I started taking them all with white backgrounds...but I am quite happy with the way this one turned out. I know...I have a minor in marketing...I should know better, afterall perception is everything, and presentation influences perception. I should be more particular about the pictures. Shame on me! Perhaps I'll start taking them like this again??? We'll see! It's a little more work, but the end result is so much better! I'm still not the best at taking pictures of my jewelry...but I think it is improving some??? Maybe? LOL :) I am going to take a class in photography one of these days! :)

I named these earrings "Restless Tides." (I know, the picture sucks! LOL) The colors of the stone beads in this pair of earrings just remind me of the ocean, and all of the twists and loops in the wire, reminde me of the churning sea! I just loved these faceted coin-shaped london blue topaz beads...I have them for a while, so I finally decided to use them!

I mentioned earlier, I am going to have an ad in the next issue of Stylebakery's "Designers on the Rise." I'm excited about it! Now, I have to update my website. I wish I could build it like I really want...I just used a ready-made template...I manage using the computer, but trust me, I only know enough about it to get by. Thank goodness my uncle is an IT guy!!! Without him I would be in a mess!! LOL :) I manage to screw something up on a regular basis! LOL
I also managed to snag two spots in Etsy's Cooperative Advertising program! One spot will be in the May issue of Craft Magazine, and the other is in the June/July issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion.
I went to 2 bead shows last week! I am so bad! One was a wholesale show/trunk show at a local bead shop, and the other was one of the traveling shows. I spent WAY too much money! ...but I just couldn't resist! I love pearls and gemstone beads! I tried to behave biggest splurges this time were the 2 strands of blue topaz beads. One is sky blue and is london blue. Both are fairly large!

This picture does not do these justice! They are AAA grade. Keep in mind I have large hands and fingers...I wear like a 10-11 on my ring finger...these are graduated in size, but the 8-10 or so in the middle of the strand are quite least 20-30 carats each! Yes, they were pricey!!!!

I also got a few paired sets and odds and ends! The last picture is 2 matte finished black onyx. They have tiny stars all over them that have been left shiney. They are about 12.05 carats a piece. They were just so cute, I couldn't resist!
Oh yeah, I got a strand of 7 huge amethyst flat faceted-teardrop shaped briolettes. They are about 30-50 carats each! YaY! :)
Okay, I have to run! Hope you have a great night! :)