Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Evening Post.... :) LOL

A lot has happen in the past week....some good, some bad.

I guess, bad news first....right??? Boy, Easter weekend and the first of the week just sucked!

First, my grandmother's sister, Dot, passed away last Sunday...March 23...Easter Sunday. She found out about 2-3 weeks ago, that she had cancer...I will miss her. :(

I can not believe how many friends and family members have passed away recently. It seems someone has passed away every other week since December. My great-grandmother's last living sibling, Edna, passed away March 10th.
My aunt, Liz, was in the hospital Friday-Tuesday...she had a terrible infection from kidney stones. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, Monday, my cousin Jessica, Liz's daughter, was in a wreck and totalled her car.

That is the worst parts...I'll spare you the rest. :(
Now for the good parts.....

The other day I was invited to join the Wire Artisans Guild. The members are very talented and their jewelry is just gorgeous! So, I was very honored that Sheela...also known as Eclettica on Etsy, asked me to join!

One thing that I think is really neat, is that they have weekly theme challenges. This weeks theme was selected by Susanna (aka suesun on Etsy). She selected "butterfly" for the weekly theme!

So, here it butterfly for the weekly challenge..........

Charlotte (aka EmeraldDolphinDesign on Etsy), another member of the Wire Artisans Guild, included me in a Treasury on Etsy! ...Thank you Charlotte! Look at all of the pretty butterfly themed pieces!!! :)

I also posted another pair of earrings tonight....I named them Tranquility. I actually finished them a while back, but just getting around to taking pictures and posting them...I still have quite a few other pieces to take pictures of and post, too!

Well, that's all for tonight!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Etsy Treasury

Today on Etsy, I was included in a Treasury list created by Shayna Maidel, who offers a wonderful selection of vegan bath and body products! The Treasury, "Ooh La La! So Feminine!", included my Victorian Evening earrings! This is the first time I have ever seen one of my pieces in a Treasury. I was so excited when I saw it! I don't usually look at the Treasury's, rarely, but something just told me to look! :) Thank you for including me shaynamaidel!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Gosh, I can't believe it is already March. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!

So, It has been a while since I posted...I guess you have guessed, I'm still busy as a bee! LOL :)

I have made a few new pieces...
The first I named Sweet Secrets-

Its a 26" necklace...and features a handmade key....I've been a little stuck on keys! ...and pearls! I've always loved keys. I have made a few other pieces with keys, but I think this and the next pieces are my favorite pieces of "key" jewelry.

Did I mention I love keys! :) LOL Even as a kid, I remember making necklaces with old skeleton keys. My house (the house my great-grandfather built in 1932) has all of the original crystal door knobs in it...all of the doors in the house lock with skeleton keys! How cool is that! ;) That is one of the many reasons I love my house!! LOL :)

This piece I name "You Hold the Key." This picture is going to be used in the next issue of Stylebakery's "Designers on the Rise." When I first started selling pieces I "staged" the pictures... as time passed, I started taking them all with white backgrounds...but I am quite happy with the way this one turned out. I know...I have a minor in marketing...I should know better, afterall perception is everything, and presentation influences perception. I should be more particular about the pictures. Shame on me! Perhaps I'll start taking them like this again??? We'll see! It's a little more work, but the end result is so much better! I'm still not the best at taking pictures of my jewelry...but I think it is improving some??? Maybe? LOL :) I am going to take a class in photography one of these days! :)

I named these earrings "Restless Tides." (I know, the picture sucks! LOL) The colors of the stone beads in this pair of earrings just remind me of the ocean, and all of the twists and loops in the wire, reminde me of the churning sea! I just loved these faceted coin-shaped london blue topaz beads...I have them for a while, so I finally decided to use them!

I mentioned earlier, I am going to have an ad in the next issue of Stylebakery's "Designers on the Rise." I'm excited about it! Now, I have to update my website. I wish I could build it like I really want...I just used a ready-made template...I manage using the computer, but trust me, I only know enough about it to get by. Thank goodness my uncle is an IT guy!!! Without him I would be in a mess!! LOL :) I manage to screw something up on a regular basis! LOL
I also managed to snag two spots in Etsy's Cooperative Advertising program! One spot will be in the May issue of Craft Magazine, and the other is in the June/July issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion.
I went to 2 bead shows last week! I am so bad! One was a wholesale show/trunk show at a local bead shop, and the other was one of the traveling shows. I spent WAY too much money! ...but I just couldn't resist! I love pearls and gemstone beads! I tried to behave biggest splurges this time were the 2 strands of blue topaz beads. One is sky blue and is london blue. Both are fairly large!

This picture does not do these justice! They are AAA grade. Keep in mind I have large hands and fingers...I wear like a 10-11 on my ring finger...these are graduated in size, but the 8-10 or so in the middle of the strand are quite least 20-30 carats each! Yes, they were pricey!!!!

I also got a few paired sets and odds and ends! The last picture is 2 matte finished black onyx. They have tiny stars all over them that have been left shiney. They are about 12.05 carats a piece. They were just so cute, I couldn't resist!
Oh yeah, I got a strand of 7 huge amethyst flat faceted-teardrop shaped briolettes. They are about 30-50 carats each! YaY! :)
Okay, I have to run! Hope you have a great night! :)