Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday Again??? :) LOL

I can't believe it is Monday again! Well, actually Tuesday now! :) I can't believe how fast the last week passed!

I listed some new pieces today...on Etsy and my website. I have been working on quite a few pieces...and still have a bunch I haven't listed!

I have to say, I think this one is one of my all-time favorites! (LOL - I know, I always say that!)It didn't turn out at all like what I had planned for it to be, but I think it turned out to be one of those happy mishaps! :) LOL So, it started out as a pair of earrings...then a flower...then a necklace, and then somehow, to me it looked like an angel. So, I named it "Oh Angel of Mine!" I finally used one of the pink topaz briolettes I bought...I really love them! They are just so sparkly and pretty! I went a little bit crazy in the briolette department...I ordered a little of everything! I just couldn't resist! LOL

It's sooo funny, actually a lot of my pieces turn out they way...happy mishaps! I mean, I start with plans for one thing and something else takes form! I draw out a lot of my designs prior to starting. Some come out exactly as plan and the others I may work on for days and may end up as something total different! It is always a wonderful surprise when it works out...but that isn't always the case! I think the hardest thing I have overcome...or am still trying to overcome, is the fact that I'm a perfectionist, and I'm my worst critic! Now don't get me wrong...I know it is good to take pride in your work and always do your best, but sometimes I am just obsessive about it! I've been working at trying not to be so obsessive...I think it is just in my genes! My whole family is obsessive compulsive! :) LOL I know that isn't funny...but if you could see us, you would laugh too! Anyway, I'm trying to accept the fact that I'm my worst critic! After all, I shouldn't expect everyone to like every piece or think I make! Art is subject...I make the jewelry, because I enjoy doing so...I hope people will like my "creations," but if they don't, I'm not going to give up. Also, I'm trying to accept the fact that just because something don't turn out exactly as I plan, doesn't mean it has to be thrown out...everyone else doesn't know that it isn't what I had in mind! I've always acted obsessive...school work, painting, making jewelry, pottery, actually in all aspects of my life! ...but I guess it is just most noticeable in my art. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I think everything I make is better than everybody else, or that I'm the BEST...it is more about the mental aspect...it's not that I'm saying "I don't care who likes my work," it's just that I'm saying I'm trying to quite being so nit picky about creating it. I guess we all have issues! I certainly know I do! I psychologist would have a field day with me! :) LOL

This is another piece I'm currently working on...it is another example of one of my mishaps! It started out as an earring...it's funny how things can veer so far off target!

Well, that's all for tonight!


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