Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Catching up...

So, I guess it has been a while since I last wrote. A lot has happened...I guess the biggest thing is that my grandmother passed away. As I see here, I am not only thinking of her, but of all the other family members (and friends) who have passed away over the last few years. Mostly, at this moment...of my daddy, because Oct. 24th, is, or should I say was, his birthday. He would be 59 this year...this is the 4th birthday that has passed, since he died. It is hard to believe 3 year, 2 months, and 2 days has passed since we lost him. I bought one of the little tiny pumpkins for him, I'm going to go to the graveyard and put one on the grave. I also bought one for my grandparents.

My grandmother passed away September 17th. She had been sick since March. Although I miss her dearly, it was almost a relief, at least she is not suffering anymore...and I know she is in a better place. We were all there with her when she passed, she was at home, in her bed. The last night was really rough. She struggle until about 3 or 4am...we had brought hospice in about a month before, and they had brought us a "palliative care kit" with all of the medicines we would need. The nurses didn't stay, but were on call. About 3am, we had to get one of them to come to the house. She was struggle to breathe and having chest pains...she finally went to sleep about 4 am. After that, she didn't move or wake up again. At the end, it was really peaceful. She was breathing normal and the breaths just started coming futher and futher apart, until she passed. It was very peaceful. It just looked like she was sleeping. The Hospice nurse was supposed to come and check on her again that morning, but she was running late...so, she ended up showing up about 30 minutes before she passed. Which was a blessing. I was really comforting her being there.

...and then there's Chris, my cousin...October 29th, will be the one-year anniversary of his death. I can't believe a year has passed. He would be 31 this year...he's about 6 months older than me. :(

Anyway, enough about the sad-side of life! So, I just got back from the beach yesterday. We had a good time. This was actually my second trip down there since grandma passed. We went to Oak Island....as usually! Where else would we go! Me, mom, Charlotte, April, Ginger, Liz, and April H...went. It was sad with grandma not there, but we had a good time. I guess we all have our moments... We stayed at "A Coconut Hut." It is one of my favorites! ...and it definitely has the one of the best views on the beach! (It's at Caswell.) Ocean on the frontside, marsh and ICW on the backside...you can see Southport in the distance, and Bald Head Island.

See what I mean!!! Beautiful views!!! theThis was our second stay at this particular house. (These pictures are from the last time we stayed there...I haven't upload the pictures from this trip yet.) It's up for sale...$1.8 million!!! WOW! Right? LOL Thank goodness for people like the Durhams...that let us rent their cottages! I stayed at "On Holiday," last trip. It is really cute too! Especially for a smaller 2 bedroom cottage! It's near Middleton...I actually went down there last time by myself. April and her family were down there...but I stayed by myself.

Anyway, I have a lot more to catch you up on...but for now, I think I'm going to head to bed. I'll be back...

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