Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Weekend in Review...

It's me again! :)

So, I had a good weekend, not the most eventful, but it was good! :)

Friday, I went by the thrift store. I love that place! Okay, so I know that may sound funny, because I'm not always them most cost-conscience person, but I love it! Maybe it is the possibility of finding a treasure that is priceless, or a rare find, or maybe it is the thrill of the prospect of finding something that cost a lot, for nothing. Who knows! :)

Of course, there is nothing I really need at the moment, and I never go looking for anything in particular, but I did find a couple of neat things I couldn't resist...which seems to be one of my bad habits - I'm always buying things I don't need, just because they're neat and I can't resist! :) Anyway, I found a Kate Spade handbag that cost about $200, for $1.50, that looks brand new! I bought a few books, and 2 pieces of blue "diamond point" Indiana Glass ($1/each), and a few pieces of vintage costume jewelry. A couple of the pieces were signed...Coro, Sarah Coventry, and some were just cute! One piece had a jeweler's mark I'm not familiar was marked Sterling....and what looks like maybe a WH???? It looks like the last line in the W is the first line in the the are merged together??? It is a vintage (although I'm not sure how old) rhinestone choker....which I will never wear, but it was cute! :) LOL

My favorite piece of the day was a navy tote ($1.25). When I saw it I thought of my mom...she is always buying cute totes to carry stuff with her to work...and it looked brand new! It was a Miss America Pageant Atlantic City - tote bag...inside it had the ticket stub from 1989 Miss America Pageant Parade on the Boardwalk. Which I thought was kinda neat!

Saturday, my friend April and her mom came over. They brought her brother's daughter, Madelyn to go swimming. My aunt and cousin came over too. So, me and mom spent the day in the pool! A day in the sun is always fun! LOL :) Madelyn had a blast! The water was steaming! It's heated, but we usually don't let it get over 90F....which is still a little hot to me(especially in the summer)! Anyway, I guess it has just been so hot...the water temperature was way over that...we left the hose running to cool it down! :) I think Madelyn enjoyed playing with the water hose more than she enjoyed the pool! :)

So, that was about it for the weekend! It was good, but too short! :) I sold 2 pairs of earrings this weekend! That was a nice surprise! Even though I have sold quite a few pieces, it is still exciting when something sells! It really makes me feel good to know someone likes a piece good enough to buy it! At the same time, it is a little sad to see the piece go, after I spent so long making it! I know that sounds silly! :) One pair was purchased by a woman in Newfoundland. This is the 5th pieces she has purchase! It is really exciting when you have "return" customers! Not to mention the fact that she is from Canada! WOW, my jewelry is international! :) LOL Imagine that! :) LOL Honestly though, I am honored and gratified that they have chosen my pieces! This is one of the pairs I sold!

This week I plan on posting a bunch of new pieces on Etsy and my website...I have made quite a few new pieces. I love making the pieces, but I still have mastered the art of photographing them! LOL I'll share some pictures of a few things that I'm working on soon!



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